Payment Methods

Cash on Delivery

All our products available for purchase via cash on delivery but limited to Colombo City.

Pay via Card

For purchases with delivery to outside of Colombo City, we would require a bank transfer or card payment via our website payment portal.

What is Pefume Oil

Perfume oils are a type of compound that contains a fragrance to appeal to the senses. They are often made with synthetic aroma compounds or natural essential oils and are diluted with a carrier such as vegetable oil, mineral oil, or propylene glycol. These ingredients can create a scent similar to the one you are looking for, and are used to add a personal touch to various products. It smells same as what you'd usually buy as EDT or EDP.

Is the longevity good

Perfume oils have several benefits. For one, they tend to last much longer on the skin than standard perfumes. Unlike standard perfumes, which are absorbed by fabrics and clothing, fragrance oils are non-irritating to the skin. Most fragrances in the market contain alcohol and other chemicals that can be irritating or drying. In fact, people with dry skin often complain of itchiness or irritation when they wear perfume. However, fragrance oils do not have this problem and are suitable for any type of skin. You can expect a minimum of 6-8hours of longevity with good sillage from our product. This is our gurantee.

Is it authentic

Our products are 100% undiluted genuine perfume oils directly imported from the UAE.