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Our mission is set on bringing exclusive international brands of fragrances and luxury perfume oils right to your fingertips here in Sri Lanka. And as perfume enthusiasts, our heart and soul is in delivering a product without even a slightest compromise in quality.
Our guarantee is that all our products are hand-picked and tested to be of the highest authentic grade before they reach your senses. We aim to keep expanding our range of products not just as body perfumes but also to other premium scented products.
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We’re individuals who are deeply passionate about perfumes. And as perfume enthusiasts, we found the lack of variety and access to good brands in Sri Lanka as a problem.

In 2020 we set out to find a solution for this problem amidst a pandemic. Our journey for the right solution took us through a wide variety of globally sourced options and as the enthusiasts we are, we worked hard to find the best product for the Sri Lankan market.

As a result of this search for the crème de la crème, we found ourselves the best-formulated product from the Arabian Peninsula that is rightfully suited for the Sri Lankan hot and humid weather. Thus Aiz & Li was born.

Ever since we’ve been carefully selective about the perfume oils we source from the middle east, every bottle or brand we choose has been carefully vetted to make sure that it's of the highest quality. Aiz & Li started with merely 40 products and has now grown to about 250 products in total. We aim to bring you the most exclusive brands and keep growing.
  • 100% Genuine perfume oil
    What we sell is the genuine perfume oil with no dilution. Our guarantee is that a little application is all you need.
    Long lasting perfume that will help you get through your day. And a quick reach to the bottle in your pocket or purse to feel refreshed just like that.
    Yes you read correctly. Our product has good sillage that will leave the room a clear signature of your perfume.
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